Similar to the energy of the sun, 2021

In the exhibition the viewer encounters an urban garden. Materials such as metal, copper, and plastic function side by side with both living and dying plants, as industrial reminders that testify to a time that pushed knowledge of plants and medicine away from wise women and healers of the past, who in the late Middle Ages passed on free knowledge. The sculptures and the various objects in the installation reflects on the hidden, as something that is not completely transparent, but shows only a section of the world and history. Something is hidden under the sand or buried under the ground. The show also refers to the structures and mechanisms that move knowledge around from one social group to another. The title of the show is taken from Hildegard von Bingen’s description of the fern as a healing and protective plant that has a power that is similar to the energy of the sun and lights up everything that is in the dark. In the exhibition ferns are peeking out from under a surface reminding the viewer of a lost knowledge.

Mikey Laundry Art Garden, Bergen, Norge.

Kurator: Michael Laundry
Foto: Dale Rothenberg

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